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The start of the bi-monthly blog.

What’s So Good About Anime?

You might think that this is a funny or, at best, a silly question, but I want to thoroughly explore it because this entire community is dedicated anything and everything anime related. It’s important that we, as anime watchers, understand why we … Continue reading

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Toonami nostalgia anyone?

Anyone anguished by Gunslinger Girl’s bastard child second season will understand, as will those flabbergasted by mind-boggling anime adaptations (e.g. As any fan of anime will tell you, it isn’t always about what’s new and shiny. GUNNM/Battle Angel Alita).

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Over a year already?

Where to begin? It started with a dream… (isn’t that how all awesome stories start?) On a late Spring night, Chiya was frightfully bored. All he was doing was vegetating (sp) in front of … Continue reading He had almost nothing to do.

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The Mind Of A Botnet.

So I was reading a magazine called, “NewScientist” or something along those lines. Honestly, most of it is over my head, but I saw an article called, “The mind of a botnet.” and the following just came to me for … Continue reading

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Second week as part of the staff

Hai~!  So, liek, im staf naow n stuf.  ‘S hrd, but im dong ok, i gess. [insert enthralling story here about my life] So, seriously, the staff does a lot of work, much of which are things that you don’t … Continue reading

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First week as part of the staff

About 3 … Continue reading It’s my first blog post, and I think I’ll start off with some irc fun. I forget what I was looking for, but I did an @find trigger for a file. Hi! I was on Rizon last night.

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Guess who’s back, back again!

How are you all today? Well then, welcome to the FOURTH BxT Blog set. Had a great 15 days sans moi I hope. (sans moi means “without me” in French. -wink-) Well, anyway. Quite a bit in store for you … Continue reading

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Nightly ambrosia

First of all this is actually my first official blog post ever. So here it is! … Continue reading I never felt much like blogging but now that we have BoxTorrents blog I thought it appropriate to add something every now and then.

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Blog Ahoy!

We have transferred from Nucleus to WordPress. And so we enter the third edition of “The Blog“. For those who noticed a small change, congratulations! This is mainly because I screwed up when choosing a blogging system and chose the … Continue reading

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The Blog; Episode Two

Here we are, on the first of April. After having spent AGES working on a brilliant -ahem- addition, I was told not to go live with troll due to the nature of the site. (In otherwords, Jarudin doesn’t want us … Continue reading

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